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Concealed Carry Course

Hosted by Standard Force Training Academy 

1 Course (16 Hours) - 2 Days, 8 hrs
Saturday, May 18th, 2024 9:00am - 5:00pm
Sunday, May 19th 2024 9:00am - 5:00pm
Material included (but not limited to) in this State Police mandated course:
  • Illinois State Laws
  • Your Second Amendment Rights
  • Fundamentals of Safe Pistol Handling
  • Home Defense and Personal Protection 
  • Maintenance and Cleaning  

Standard Force Training Academy
2658 N. Merrimac Ave
Chicago, Il.  60639

For questions or concerns please contact  (773) 956-5009 or
A Course You Don't Want To Miss!

Unleash your inner protector and equip yourself with the essential skills needed to defend what matters most to you. Introducing the ultimate empowerment tool - our exclusive CONCEALED CARRY COURSE in Chicago, Illinois.

Our seasoned instructors will guide you through comprehensive training in tactical maneuvers, situational awarness, and precise marksmanship. Do not wait for the unexpected to catch you or your loved ones off guard!

Enroll now to take charge of your personal safety. Take action now, seats are filling up quickly for this course!

Teaching gun safety is our duty!
Gun Safety starts with efficient training!

About Us

Welcome to Standard Force  Training Academy! You’re well on your way to earning your Concealed Carry  License!

Our goal is to help you get your concealed carry license by giving you all the information you need about training requirements and classes in your state.

Every state has different rules and laws when it comes to carrying concealed, and each have different training requirements.

Main CCL course:

This course is designed to satisfy the requirements to obtain an Illinois Concealed Carry License. The course consists of both classroom work and range work. Students will be required to successfully complete the course and a practical range of proficiency requirements. Students must read, write notes and comprehend all

Illinois Laws and be able to follow all of the directions given by the training staff.

Our Mission


Standard Force Training Academy provides not only the required curriculum training that is mandated by the State of Illinois’ Concealed Carry License Laws but also advises the students on other issues such as Safe gun handling, gun etiquette, use of force, and the law and gun liability. Our classes will be tailored to satisfy any of our student's individual lifestyle needs. Our class is set up to provide the student with a total experience, including completing all training necessary for the following firearm licenses: Illinois Concealed Carry License, Utah Firearm Permit, NRA Basics Pistol Shooting Phase II Course. We also have Fingerprinting Services (Live Scan), Photos, and assistance with applications

To Attend Our Courses

  • *At least 18 years of age (You cannot apply for the license until the age of 21)

  • * Possess a valid Firearm Owner Identification Card (or apply during the 1stday of class)

  • * Possess a valid Illinois State Identification or Drivers License

  • *Not be prohibited by State or Federal Law from legally possessing a firearm.

  • *Physically capable of safely and effectively operating a firearm



Law Enforcement  Family Discount


Member of the Law Enfocement family  get $50 off the 1st course. Must have proof

Daily Schedule & Weekend Classes


Standard Force Training Academy 
 Now Offering

Group Rates for the Illinois Concealed Carry  

Any group 10 or more we will come to the location of your choice.
The course is 16 hours split into two 8 hours days for the 
Illinois Concealed Carry Course 

The Host of the group will receive his/her course for FREE


Group Prices 

$190 per person 

For groups of 7-10 

$175 per person 

For groups of 11-20

$150 per person 

For groups of 21+ 


Each individual is responsible for their own range fees and ammo, we will provide Targets, eyes and ear protection.  Please bring your firearm on the second day of class if you own one if you do not own a firearm we'll provide you with one to use.

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