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About Us

Welcome to the Standard Force Training Academy We have a little over 25 years of firearms handling and very excited that The State of Illinois has granted the Concealed Carry License and letting the people excuse they 2nd amendment ( the right to bear arms).

We are State Certified and NRA Certified Instructors and proud to teach what our years of experience touch us safe gun handling, shooting techquies, concealment  and  much much more...

Jerome D. Lee Sr.  Firearm Instructor


Mr. Lee has 25 years of experience in security and entertainment protection. He has been an A&R director in several Indy record labels and managed some of Chicago’s best local talent. Mr. Lee also played key roles at three different protection agencies Down Low Bodyguards/Director of Operation (Chicago), J Protection Agency/Lead Bodyguard (New York). He also served many security firms as a supervisor and self-defense & weapons instructor.

Looking For Certifed State and NRA Instructors





Coming soon.


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