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Standard Force Protection


Standard Force Protection Inc was founded by Jerome Lee in 1995. Our primary service is to the entertainment industry. Standard Force conducts your venue the way it should be served. We will go the extra mile to make sure you & your clients, patrons, guest, and staff are safe in every event you are doing. We do provide services to the private sector (personal protection, consultation, security, surveillance,) as well as Homeland Security & FEMA Training with the same pride and professionalism


Standard Force Protection Inc is an elite bodyguard and entertainment security agency that provides both personal protection and security to the entertainment industry as well as, the private sector.


Standard Force Protection is a Chicago based agency and has been serving in the entertainment scene for a little over 15 years securing club events, concerts, movies & music video sets, and other VIP events all over the World.


Standard Force Protection has protected many celebrities, athletics, artists, and music & movie executives over the years. With zero clients engaged in any danger or injury.


Standard Force Protection has a wide range of services including investigating, protection escorting, surveillance, security, and prevention consulting.Our staff of men and women includes former military personnel, off duty police officers, and experienced armed and unarmed security agents whose career has trained them to provide support and control to protect and serve in various incidents. MORE

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