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We Are Seeking Certified Instructors


With the ecomey going bad profits aren't as great as it was, overhead (rent, utilities, advertising, and up keep) is killing your bottom line. Has forced the closure of some quality training facilities leaving a lot of Instructors with no place to teach thier students.


We at Standard Force Training Academy welcome all certified instructor to come teach at our facility. We provide almost everything you need to teach your course or class for an low fee.


We have one large classroom that sits up two 20 students and a smaller classroom/ conference room that sits up tp 8 students. Nice size monitors in both room with laptop hook up, DVD/CD player and many more features.


We welcome training courses such as;


The Illinois Concealed Carry                                                 Basset Training

The Utah Concealed Carry                                                     CPR/AED Training                 

NRA Course                                                                               Bar Tender Training

20 & 40 hours Security and Firearms Course                    Real Estate Course

Taser Training Course                                                             Tax Course

Baton Training Course                                                            Vendor Product Displaying

Handcuff Training Course                                                      Meetings

OC Pepper Stray Course   



PLEASE FILL OUT APPLICATION                                                





For more info please call 773.956.5009, email or come by

2658 N. Merrimac Ave Top Unit Chicago, IL. 60639 (appointment only)


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